“Are we living in a Simulation?” Bla, bla.

Nathaniel Cuper
2 min readMar 14, 2021

I just spoke with a good friend of mine, a “Gödel’s disciple” -big mathematician- about very interesting ways in which society is evolving, transforming itself.

Science fiction is coming

Is the Age of descentralized governments coming? Some individuals that I had the chance to meet in life, are talking about a new “pacific revolution” that is coming for humans. Are central organizations coming to an end?

There is One big issue for us, humans, apart from global Economy and Politics. Mother Nature is speaking out loud, through Big fires in Patagonia (Argentina’s side). I wonder, what else do we humans need to understand?

Right here, right now. What do we do about the current “status quo” -paradigm of doing business, collaborating between us.

We see a new phenomena happening in society, through unexpected ways. New social systems (crypto world) are emerging from deep under the ground. Nobody believed, maybe 10 years ago, that a little piece of Btc would be worth today 60k usd. Has to mean something, part of something bigger. That we cannot imagine.

Ethics and Phylosophy.

Artificial intelligence engineers and neuro-scientists can today create and manipulate huge amounts of information of us. Should these, become Tools to do “good” in the World? And what does “good” mean, anyway.

Should the new technologies be working together with Us, to solve BIg issues from Society? Are we willing to work “for” the machine that we are creating?

What for? To become slaves of our monster?
Do we want that for Us and our future generations? An enslaved type of human being is emerging. In which side am I going to be, and what can I do to prepare myself for the Next Age in “human” history.

A couple of questions, right?
How can I be part of this fast-paced, fantastic future? My mindset could be the key.

Chaos can be a beautiful part of the human path. Fun, if I play a role here, in this World.

Maybe, we are living in a Simulated Society from advanced Deus-humans from year 3568. Yes, maybe they are just playing like a Game (Play Station), having fun while creating History.

Just playing and sharing some thoughts… We don’t have a lot of time, till our Humanity starts losing its north. Maybe a revolution will come, soon. But in a different way.

What do You think?



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